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Depression Treatment Services in Odessa, TX

Finding the right treatment for yourself, your child, or your loved one is essential in managing long and short term mental health issues or disorders. Behavioral, mental, and emotional disorders disrupt the quality of life, which may require medicinal therapy, behavioral therapy, or likely a combination of both, therefore it’s crucial to find a provider that can help you manage and overcome these challenges. Fortunately, you’ve landed at the right place. Dr. Ravi Medi and Shayne L. Terry are the primary providers of Permian Psychiatry in Odessa, TX. 

If you are finding it hard to deal with your symptoms, our team has got you covered. Our professional psychiatrists offer a series of ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress treatments and other mental health treatment options throughout the Odessa, TX community. Once you schedule an appointment at our convenient location, it's only a matter of time before you begin to experience relief. Call us today for more information on our mental health services. 

ADHD Tests, ADD Treatment & Tests and Treatment

• ADD/ADHD Depression • Anxiety
• Bipolar Disorder • Adolescent Difficulties • Eating Disorder
Stress • Relationship Problems • Other Psychiatric Disorders

Treatments can Include
• Testing • Evaluation  • Medication Management
• Counseling • Combination of Treatments
If you’re looking for a professional psychiatrist in the Lone Star state, look no further than Dr. Ravi Medi in Odessa, TX. Call us today to schedule an appointment. 
ADD, Stress & Anxiety Treatment Odessa, TX
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